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Desktop PC and Laptop Hardware Support.

If your PC is only a few years old and you are finding it sluggish even after getting the software cleaned up, maybe what you need is an upgrade rather than buying new.

We can provided Storage Upgrades from Traditional Spinning Hard Drives to Solid State Drive or even NvMe Drives if your system would support it.

Next upgrade is RAM, we are looking to have a minimum of 8Gb of RAM. 

Graphics upgrade, is the latest Farming Simulator not working for you, maybe you need to update your graphics card to a more modern one, this upgrade can be the most most expensive part to upgrade depending on what you select, but this comes down to what you are doing with your computer.

CPU Upgrade, Sometimes when you buy a PC/Laptop the motherboard that everythign connects to allows for CPU upgrades (like a lot of the current AMD Ryzen Chipsets allow you to upgrade from Zen 2 to Zen 3.


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