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Our Services

While it is not meant to be a full list of IT and Print services we provide it will give you an indication. Just call, send a message and ask.

We do not stock any Print Cartridges as we feel there is too many makes & models for us to consider stocking them.
Tescos next door to us stock a limited range and the Tesco Extra in Wick stocks a larger range.

Some of the Software Support we provide

PC\Laptop Clean-Up
This includes:-
Installing Malwarebytes
Virus/Malware removal
Applying Windows Updates
Running tools such as SFC (System File Checker), chkdsk (Check Disk).
Running Disk Cleanup tools to remove cache, windows install files, temp file etc.

Troubleshooting issues with Windows 10 or any installed application, such a Office, Chrome, Adobe Software products

Installation of Windows 10(Fresh install or upgrades from previous versions) 

Installation of Software. If we are doing a fresh build of Windows 10 we will also install the following (unless you specifiy otherwise)

  • Google Chrome and\or Mozilla Firefox
  • Zoom
  • Itunes
  • VLC Media Player
  • 7-Zip
  • Malwarebytes
  • Adobe Reader
  • Open Office or Libre (Unless you have MS Office)
  • Runtimes:-
    • JAVA
    • .NET 4.8
    • Silverlight
    • Air

We will also try to install any print drivers you require (please let us know at time what printer you have)

Laptop Hardware Support

Screen Replacement
– We can repace the broken screen on your laptop.

We can replace faulty keyboards, trackpads, noisy fans

Upgrade items like RAM, Hard Drives etc

Spillages – Did you spill some coffee or wine, we can replace parts affected by this usually they are  keyboards, trackpads, depending on what was spilled and how much motherboards have been known to be damaged as well.

Overheating – Something we see often is laptops overheating from dust build up within the Fan and also the Thermal Paste drying out onthe CPU so it isnt providing the best heat disappation to the heatsink.

We will strip the laptop down, clean the insides including fans etc, clean the CPU and Heatsink and apply new thermal paste.

Upgrades –  The main 2 upgrades we see on laptops is Memory (RAM) and Hard Drives (Storage)
We recommend 8GB of RAM and where budgets allow then SSD\Nvme Storage Drives rather than mechanical drives, this upgrade alone will give good results, but if you are running something like a Celeron CPU then we would advise saving your money and buying a better spec laptop.

We offer a range of Printing and Photocopying Services.

We use 90gsm Paper as standard.

Single Sided Black – £0.15 per page
Double Sided Black – £0.25 per page

Single Sided Colour – £0.45
Double Sided Colour – £0.85


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